Monday, January 3, 2011

Old friends, old favourites

Life after graduation is a strange time, it seems. More than a few of my friends from my undergrad days haven't quite found their places yet. Those who haven't gone back to school (for now) have largely flocked to Toronto, looking for a change of pace, for inspiration in deciding what to do next. And I feel for them. As we grew up, we were told to dream big, and so the nine-to-fives of our parents' generation seem like too little to settle for. We want to do things that we'll love, to do good for the world--but it's not very clear how we're to go about this or what we should do to be the best that we can be. We might have some sense of what the good life is in the abstract, but it's difficult to see what that comes down to here and now. There's virtue in doing whatever it is one ends up doing well, but that doesn't quite seem enough. What does it mean to live courageously in our world? Maybe we're just overprivileged, but there's still time to sort these things out...
...over splendid brunches at Aunties and Uncles...
...and undoubtedly the best cappuccinos in town.
Toronto and friends, you will be missed and thought of often.

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