Thursday, June 23, 2011

Notes from New York

Pretzel croissant
In between writing papers and counting deer at the boyfriend's parents' place upstate, I've been eating my heart out in Manhattan. David Chang's noodles are everything they're cracked up to be. But it'll be the shrimp buns that I'll be back for. So good. They're what iceberg lettuce was made for.
Pictured above, the ever buttery, salty, and brilliant pretzel croissant. It's how I like to start my days in the city--breakfast of champions, I know. Below, a peek at Christina Tosi's crack pie™--pure buttery, sugary goodness, kind of like a butter tart but not so gooey. Yes, it's trademarked, and yes, it comes in a little cardboard box, just like a McDonald's apple pie, just, you know, a thousand times more awesome.
I promise to be back next week to talk about Lucky Peach and, if all goes well, a new batch of macarons.
Crack pie


  1. Pretzel croissant?! Now that's too much. I wonder what they would say about that here in Montreal...It makes me want to bite my screen ...ahem ...

  2. It's really more croissant than pretzel, just saltier like a pretzel and maybe with a little more heft than the average croissant. If you ever find yourself in New York City, it's well worth stopping by City Bakery for one--they're so good, especially if you can get one still warm from the oven.