Thursday, March 17, 2011

Getting ready for company

Sourdough boules
With only a few exceptions, things have been rather routine around here lately--and, in light of recent events, I'm grateful for it. I've been, as usual, baking bread, reading philosophy, sifting around paper ideas in my head, and building trade empires--in friendly competition, of course.
But things are bound to get a little more exciting very soon. I've got some egg whites aging in the fridge, patiently awaiting the macaron ideas I've been dreaming up. (I just need to get some serious writing done before I dig out the old whisk and pastry bag.) And, in less than two weeks, my boyfriend and I are having our first house guests since having moved into this apartment. It's that time of year in the academic world--where bright, young (and lucky) aspiring scholars have just received acceptance letters from grad schools and are now out and about visiting institutions, weighing their options. Our guests are one such prospective student and his wife girlfriend, and so our job is to make them comfortable and get them excited about the department here and the city. Now, this department can pretty well take care of itself--its graduate program and faculty are fantastic, and I'm proud of them both--but a few hospitable touches on our part couldn't hurt either. A little homemade sourdough here, a little fig butter there, maybe a few cream biscuits, a slice or two of pear bread, and who wouldn't want to sign the dotted line and do philosophy here? That's the plan, starting with this sourdough, now snugly tucked into the freezer, ready for company.

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