Saturday, February 19, 2011

They have feet

Macaron shells
It seems to me as though for the past couple of weeks I haven't been doing that much work or that much cooking. I'm not quite sure where all of my time has gone--with the exception of these little guys: macarons. The original plan for Valentine's Day with my boyfriend was for us to stay in, watch The Sopranos, and make chocolate macarons together. That first attempt, however, was a bit of a flop. Absentminded as I am, I forgot to add the sugar to stabilise the egg whites, and so the macaron shells we piped out turned into gooey, chocolatey puddles--delicious but not the stuff of which macarons are made. Pictured above are some specimens from our second attempt. Clearly, our piping skills need a little more work, but they have feet (the crackly bit at the bottom, separated from the dome of the shell), a reassuring sign of success! Unfortunately, these shells are not destined to be macarons--to my chagrin, the local grocery store doesn't quite have what we had in mind to make the filling. So the macaron saga continues. I promise a full report when it all comes together. For now, term papers.

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